Intelligent Number Solutions

Non Geographic Numbers allow companies to have non-geographic numbers for their telephone and fax numbers. These numbers will never change even if the company re-locates anywhere in the world.

We can allocate your company one or more non-geographic numbers and then point these to your existing telephone numbers. If you ever move premises your existing telephone number will change, so we re-point the non-geographic number to the new telephone number. Your customers and suppliers need never know your actual geographic telephone number.

Intelligent Numbers Overview

Local numbers
Our Virtual numbers allow your business to advertise a number corresponding to every city you wish to target enquiries from even though your business may be based hundreds of miles away!
Benefits of 01/02 Local Numbers
  • 75% of people prefer to call a number thats local to them
  • A virtual 01/02 number can be forwarded to any number of your choice
  • Call costs are the same as calling any fixed landline number
  • Free minutes from your landline or mobile can be used to call these numbers
Our Freephone 0800 Service provides free national access to your business for your current customers and potential customers, increasing caller response.
Benefits of 0800 Freephone
  • Streamline all your communications by offering one national number
  • No need to change your existing 0800 number, you can bring your current one with you
  • Encourages customer loyalty by offering customers free access to your company
  • Maximises sales opportunities to generate new business
Local rate
Our local rate 0845 service provides your customers with opportunity to call you from anywhere in the UK for the cost of a local call.
Benefits of 0845 Local Rate
  • Provides your customers with easy, low-cost access to your Business
  • No need to change your existing 0845 number, you can bring your current one with you
  • Encourages customer call from throughout the UK while keeping your location discreet
  • Increases your advertising effectiveness
Special Rate
Our 0871 numbers can generate a significant revenue stream. These numbers can help substitute the cost of administration departments etc. These numbers are very popular.
Benefits of 0871 Numbers
  • Nationalises your company
  • Gives you an advantage over your competitors
  • Increases your advertising response and attracts new customers
  • Creates a significant revenue stream
Revenue Share
Our 0844 rev share numbers provide a national presence for your business At 5p per minute any time from anywhere in the UK, 0844 numbers are often described as ‘lo call’ numbers.
Benefits of 0844 Revenue Share
  • FREE Set up and no minimum contract
  • Customers pay standard 5p per minute to call you
  • Recieve a small revenue share on each call generated by your customers
  • FREE call management package
Premium Rate
090X numbers can be as diverse as the organisations who use them. Applications include customer care, technical help-lines, fast track processing of applications and timely financial information.
Benefits of 090x Premium Rate
  • Idea for specialist advice or technical support lines (Cannot be used for adult content)
  • Enjoy a revenue share while you provide high value information
  • Offers number portability if your business moves premises

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