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ISDN PR (Integrated Services Digital Network Primary Rate) is a digital connection typically used for voice and data. It has 30 bearer channels, each of which carries voice or data at 64Kb (totalling 1,920Kbs) and each acts independently.
Our customers often buy the ISDN PR service and link it to a PABX at a 5:1 contention ratio; i.e. they operate five telephone extensions to one ISDN PR channel. We also support both of the leading standards for Primary Rate, Q931/ETSI PRI and DASSII. With us, so far?.


Multi tasking
Looking to communicate faster? Well, here’s a fully symmetrical service that can help you speed up the transfer of information over the internet or over a remote LAN connection. It also enables you to send information and make calls simultaneously. It’s that clever.

Our Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) uses digital technology that transfers voice, data, internet applications and (you’ll love this) video conferencing, without any need for a modem. Just the job for rich media graphics and applications like video conferencing. And all at an unbeatable price.

Key Features

• High speed – LAN to LAN and LAN to host connectivity.
• Resilient solution – for providing backup to other access technologies.
• Symmetric – allows simultaneous voice and data transmission on up to 30 (64Kb channels per circuit).
• You can keep your existing number-subject to porting agreement with the Number Range holder.

Great Customer Service

Our service is delivered with a high level of customer services support and robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Fact is, our SLA is one of the very best you’re likely to come across. With our ISDN services, you’ll also enjoy incredibly competitive call tariffs and plans

Technical Jargon
Primary rate (ISDN30) can offer up to thirty 64Kb channels. This is ideally suited for organisations where quality and resilience are paramount, such as businesses that have eight or more lines and an on-site PBX. There are two standards – Q931 or ETSI PRI the European standard for Primary Rate; and DASSII, the British (BT standard). Naturally, we offer both standards.

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