Interactive Voice Response (IVR solution)

Numeric Futures offers a full range of inbound and outbound call services which enable our clients to monitor and control their calls to optimise the caller experience and boost brand values.

Monitor your calls , whether you require straight forward number translation or sophisticated call routing or IVR solution. Our online call reports allow you to monitor – in real time – the number of calls and call minutes, which areas the calls are coming from and how these calls are handled.

Maximise Performance

Busy and unanswered call feedback enables you to maximise the performance of your call centre. The caller number data in the missed call report allows you to generate a call-back list and contact callers who have not been able to get through to you.

Optimise Media Response
A portfolio of numbers allows you to measure the relative effectiveness of different media, and our reporting tools will help you analyse the results.

Take Control
Numeric Futures inbound call services put you in control, providing convenient and flexible techniques for you to manage the way callers reach your company. Using our web interface, you can route the Numeric Futures number dialled by your customers to target any destination telephone number, and change the terminating number to meet your business requirements.

Numeric Futures wide range of platform services provide a broad range of routing and IVR Solution techniques, enabling you to add functionality without requiring any additional equipment at your call centre.
In the event of an office or call centre move – or even a temporary system problem at your usual call handling destination – your Numeric Futures number enables you to re-route your inbound calls in a matter of seconds.
Some of our clients choose different destinations and routing plans to suit different call patterns at different times of day. The most commonly used features are:-

• Simple routing to a target destination
• Number divert on busy or no reply
• Network based time switch
• Geographical Mapping
• % Split call plans
• Sequential Routing
• Call queuing (with Music on Hold & Customised Hold Messages)
• Virtual switchboard

All solutions are developed in-house and operate at either network level or across a number of Numeric Futures- owned Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms, which are located alongside our main switching infrastructure.

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