Wholesale Line Rental

Why pay more for your calls when you can pay less!

What is Wholesale Line Rental (WLR)
The transfer of BT lines to Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) will enable your organisation to keep existing BT lines but permit Numeric Futures to take complete ownership of the billing and support.

This process is seamless and gives access to the Numeric Futures line rental tariff without the need for additional work to the existing network infrastructure.


What is CPS?
Carrier pre-selection (CPS) is a mechanism that allows you to select an alternative operator to route your voice calls, other than BT, in advance without dialling additional codes on the telephone or programming your on-site equipment to do this. Many customers are unaware that by using a secondary supplier, substantial savings can be made on phone calls – whether local, national. international or calls to mobiles.

How does Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) work?
CPS automatically diverts calls from BT to your chosen secondary supplier. There is no installation or programming of equipment required and you don’t have to dial a code to activate the service. This means there is more efficient routing of calls to the secondary suppliers network maximising the savings that you make.

Using a secondary supplier doesn’t involve changing your phone number or line. It requires absolutely no effort. When you sign up to a secondary supplier and use the method of Carrier Pre-Selection, your local telephone exchange will automatically re-route all your calls to the secondary suppliers network. Unfortunately, it is only available if you have a BT fixed-line.

How will CPS benefit your business?
You will be able to save money on a variety of calls as Numeric Futures can provide CPS for all international calls, all national calls or in fact all calls that you make.
You do not have to invest any additional money in hardware and infrastructure. There is no risk of any calls accidentally leaking back over BTs network and we will work in partnership with you to ensure the service meets the needs of your business.

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