Call Recording

We can provide you with a call recording solution that covers all your bases.

Call recording is now a major component for all businesses and call centers. Our reliable, flexible solution offers proven call recording technologies for regulatory or industry compliance, quality monitoring, mining for customer intelligence, or legal documentation purposes.

About Call recording
Network level call recording solutions are extremely cost effective and increasingly popular, due to the flexibility on offer.

Numeric Futures  provides a reliable and scalable solution requiring no capital expenditure, yet delivering improved customer dispute resolution, effective sales training (via play backs) and fully auditable and traceable audio records.

Full time call recording has traditionally been expensive, Numeric Futures removes the need for expensive hardware (or poorer quality recordings) by utilising a resilient telecommunications network with a web interface.
Call Record is a cost- effective network solution which monitors and records your inbound and outbound calls and can easily include home users, branch offices and temporary locations.

Your Calls can be listened to in the call centre or remotely from any location via a secure web connection and a drag and drop interface ensures that recordings and permissions settings are easily managed, with free audio archiving of recordings for up to 12 months with additional storage based on a ‘dual archive system’ which eradicates the risk of audio data loss

Benefits of Call Recording
• You can record contact centers and non-contact center phones on the same server
• Record entire conversations on-demand even from mid-call
• Archive all call recordings with inexpensive hardware
• You can search and playback recordings with simplicity
• Dedicate account manager keeping your update of porting progress

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