Porting your number

Are you looking to add  better call functionality? Or simply  achieve a higher call rebate? Porting  your 08/03 numbers to Numeric Futures is easy and simple.

Transfer (port) your 08 or 03 numbers to Numeric futures! It only takes 30 days and we guarantee there will be no downtime. If you have any questions about Number Porting.Please contact our dedicated number porting team on 0344 472 0777


Did you know?
Switching your 08 / 03 providers and porting your 0800 numbers, 0844 numbers, 0845 numbers, 0871 numbers or 03 number you can make huge savings and add call management solutions that will benefit your business.

Numeric Futures  dedicated porting team will not only let you know the money you can save on monthly rental and minutes, but will also manage the complete port process for you using simple steps.

Non geographic 08 and 03 numbers include: 0800 and 0808 Freephone Numbers. 0845 and 0843 Local Rate Numbers. 0844, 0843 and 0871 Special Rate Numbers. 03, 0300 and 0333 UK-Wide Numbers and 09 Premium Rate Numbers. Each of these number ranges can be ported within 30 days and there will not be any impact on the line.

Why you should port your number to us
• Numeric Futures guarantee’s to reduce your bills
• No service downtown or loss of service
• We will do all the admin in porting your number from existing suppliers
• Dedicate account manager keeping your update of porting progress

For more information on how we can help your business why not call our friendly staff on 0344 472 0777