Attract more customers for your business by giving it a global presence with
an international toll free number in Default Country.

International Numbers provide your organisation with a global presence without the need to have
your operation situated there and can be routed to your existing location or anywhere in the world
to meet your requirements.

Toll Free Numbers are the most attractive number range to encourage callers from other countries
into your business. The most popular use of this number range is for new sales related calls.
Benefits of using a Australia international toll free number for your business

  • Increase your customer base in Australia
  • Create awareness in an international market
  • Forward inbound calls to any international destination
  • We can route your calls from over 80 countries

International Revenue Share numbers are available for service and support related calls. The caller
pays a higher cost to dial the number, which contributes towards the cost of routing to call into
your business.

Virtual Landline numbers are available from Numeric Futures for cities all around the world.
These numbers provide a local presence and pricewise fit in-between Toll Free and Revenue
Share services.